Monday, December 19, 2011

Beautiful Mess

We are trying to get settled in our new home. Just about the time it starts looking good we have something worked on and it gets torn up again. This past week we had the kitchen counters replaced with granite and the tile back splash removed. The tilers will not be here to redo the back splash for a week and let me tell you the tore up drywall that is there not is not to pretty. They made a huge mess. there is peaces of chipped up tile all over the place and the drywall dust is all in my cabinets and drawers. Oh well in the end it will be worth it.

We are also having our fence replaced. They tore it down and then Texas got a massive amount of rain so we have had a opened back yard for the past week. Not so good when you have two little dogs and the next door neighbors have a German Shepherd.

We are packing up today to leave for Florida tomorrow. I cannot wait to see my family. Especially my sisters. I miss them so bad it hurts. My daughter will be getting engaged while we are down there. New Years eve. That's when me and my husband got engaged. Cute hu? We will all be down there for a few weeks then everyone but me and my sweet 7 year old will go back to Texas. Me my 7 year old and my oldest daughter Charlotte are going to my moms for a few days and then me and Charlotte are going on a mini road trip. Can't wait. I will be away from home for a month. What a pity!! ;-)

My 7 year old Jillian is so precious. She is very concerned about other peoples feelings and can't stand it if she thinks someone is hurt. I can't believe how big she is getting. What a gift she is! I am so glad God picked me to be her mom.

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